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Exceptional software design

Creating truly great software isn’t just about writing good code. It’s about understanding the requirements, the business domain, and the users’ needs and expectations.  It’s knowing when to use the best available tools to optimize development efficiency, functionality and compatibility… and also knowing when to break new ground.  It’s having a deep understanding of the entire[…]

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Mobile to Mainframe

We’re a rare breed of dinosaur.  We’ve got a wealth of mainframe development experience, yet we’re equally well versed in other platforms and current in modern design principles, practices, and application technologies.  So, whether you need a solution for your modern mainframe, or a J2EE application on Linux, or something spanning multiple platforms, we’re up[…]

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Training, Travel and Exploration

We also provide some non-technology related services.  At Aerobiotica, we believe in being well-rounded, and not in the way that comes from spending too much time sitting at a desk.  Just as we love the technologies we practice in our business, we bring into our business our other passions – specifically, travel and exploration, SCUBA diving,[…]

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Code that doesn’t suck

Need a real developer?  We aren’t web hacks; we’re software architects and engineers.  We know how to build resilient, scalable, serviceable, operable, auditable, maintainable, extensible, dynamically reconfigurable (in a nutshell, long-term sustainable) systems. Regardless of your platform, technology, or human or machine language requirements, we bring that experience to the table. We follow industry standards,[…]

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Awesome Support

We regard every engagement as a partnership.  From inception to completion and beyond, we’re fully invested in a mutually positive experience.  That includes allowances for design changes, a generous warranty period, and, should you require them, flexible ongoing support options.

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Enterprise Content Management

We’ve been in Enterprise Content Management since before it was called ECM (actually, since before it was called the last thing we called it).  We’re particularly well versed in high volume document management, electronic delivery of communications, content transformation, and automation of content-centric processes. We know a bit about Records Management,[…]

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Security and Audit

We’ve been building access control and security audit into networked operating systems since before most of the market was security literate.  Those were the days when we didn’t need firewalls; the challenges were different and internal.  The world has grown up and we have along with it.  We’re available for implementation[…]

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We’re really fond of Search technology.  It’s a natural extension of our ECM roots, but it also tickles our social networking fancy and motivates much of our mobile mentality.  Sometimes, we just see them all as one thing.  When we can’t, we’re probably trying to figure out how to put them together.[…]

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